About the Heathers

heatherandreaHeather Number One

Heather was born in Brazil and grew up on a dairy farm in Paradise, PA, where she attended school with the Other Heather. After studying international business at The George Washington University, she volunteered in the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa for a year; and later pursued a Masters in Peace and Justice Studies at University of San Diego. She then worked in Mozambique for nearly 2 years, followed by a move to Fargo, North Dakota.

HeatherphotoHeather Number Two

Heather also grew up in Paradise, PA where she met the Other Heather. After studying history at university, having fallen in love with the music of 16th century England, she moved to London where she spent 2 years traipsing around the countryside going to Evensong services. She has built and launched online classical music services for libraries in both New York and Nashville, spent 10 years as the Assistant Director of California’s largest library consortium, and now lives in Andalucia, Spain, where she spends her days writing, podcasting, and teaching courses on how to do both.

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